Travel Meets Tech

Travel has impacted me throughout my life and I wanted to create a company while at the same time allowed me to continue my passion. At the same time, I wanted to make the experience easier for others. The idea for Kolu was something that I conceptualized over a year ago on one of my trips. In September 2016, I recruited a team and started developing the strategy for Kolu. A month later, we placed second in a startup competition. The win gave us the resources to start building the application. Currently, we are putting the finishing touches on the beta and are recruiting guides. To learn more, check out the website below.



see lucerne through the eyes of local

Switzerland is full of beauty and offers something for almost everyone, but is financially costly. Using Kolu you will save time and money by avoiding places that do not offer enough value. The primary languages spoken are German, French, and Italian. While in Switzerland try some of their famous chocolate, rise to the top of Mount Titlis, and walk through the Kapellbrücke to see the Lion of Lucerne.  


HAve a local show you the NORTHERN lights

The home of the vikings is perfect for someone who loves the outdoors. They speak Norwegian, but almost everyone will be able to speak with you in English. While in Norway try some of their salmon, go skiing, witness the beauty of the Aurora Borealis, and the fjords. Just don't forget that the Northern Lights aren't always available, so allow a guide from Kolu to schedule a perfect viewing experience.




Play hockey with a CANADIAN in Montréal

Some see the culture in Canada to be similar to the United States, but there are many differences that make Canada great. They aren't a melting pot like the United States, as each culture is recognized and celebrated. Canada has a really friendly atmosphere, as the people are as nice as they are portrayed. In Canada they speak English and in Quebec speak French. While in Canada, have a local guide recommend a spot for poutine, check out a hockey game, see the wildlife, and visit one of the most livable cities in the world. 



Visit a japanese temple in kyoto

During your trip to Japan use Kolu to see beautiful sites that may be unknown to a foreigner. More than 99 percent of the population speaks Japanese as their first language. The language barrier makes the trip even critical to have a local available to translate. If not you may have to learn how to speak Japanese. While in Japan try some authentic sushi, check out the latest technology, and visit the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the Nikko National Park and the Tokyo Imperial Palace.